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About Us

Sub-Zero Repair Service of New York City is a Sub-Zero appliance repair company that specializes specifically in the repairs of Sub-Zero machines.

Sub-Zero Repair Service of New York City specializes in Sub-Zero appliance maintenance, as well as all types of general Sub-Zero appliance repairs. We believe in helping you run your home smoothly. At Sub-Zero Repair Service, we also know that when you do need your Sub-Zero serviced, you need it NOW! We won't make you wait. We're ready when you're ready.

Sub-Zero Repair Service - serves all households in the New York City metro area. We employ only the most skill-full Sub-Zero trained and specialized technicians to ensure consistent, high quality service. When your Sub-Zero is acting up we are ready! Contact us through our website with the user friendly form.

Sub-Zero Repair Service of New York City knows that a satisfied customer is one who gets fast, efficient, and professional repair service. And satisfied customers are what makes our job worth doing.